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Bruce Robinson Investments is your End to End Pink Diamond Investor

Why Pink Diamonds?

Growing International Demand

The Argyle Diamond mine, the world’s largest source of pink diamonds, ceased operations in November 2020.  Argyle pinks are now even more coveted globally for their rarity, intense colour and prestige.

Assistance with exiting

Our skilled and experienced team can assist to value your pink diamonds and, for an agreed fee, identify genuine opportunities to enable you to exit the market.

Asset Security

As a Pink Diamond Select Atelier, we offer access to high quality Argyle pink diamonds, ensuring complete confidence in provenance and the chain of custody.

Wholesale Argyle diamonds ​

Bruce Robinson Diamonds is an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, one of only 32 world-wide and just 16 in Australia.

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Why Invest with Bruce Robinson?

Bruce Robinson Diamonds delivers over 26 years of experience as a pink diamond specialist, assuring clients of making successful and well-informed pink diamond investment decisions.

Experienced Investment Managers

Bruce Robinson Diamonds has been an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier since 1996, building a solid reputation and a diverse collection, assembled over many years.


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